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Aladdin (2019) อะลาดิน


Aladdin A street urchin from the Arabian town of Agrabah encounters his monkey Abu. Jasmine has fled her life of safety in the palace and is an orphaned street-urchin . Jasmine wants to succeed her father as Sultan, however she is expected to marry one of her royal suitors like the charming but dimwitted Prince Anders. Jafar, the grand vicar intends to topple Sultan and search for a magical light that is hidden in the Cave of Wonders. However only the “diamond in the rough” can go inside the cave.

Jafar’s pet parrot Iago spots Aladdin and Abu in the royal palace and visiting Jasmine. Jafar is then able to capture Aladdin. He proposes to create Aladdin rich enough to impress Jasmine in exchange for the return of the lamp. He also warns him to take nothing else. Inside the cave, Aladdin unlocks a magic carpet and finds the lamp, however Abu can’t resist touching the precious objects and causes the cave to collapse. Aladdin passes the lamp over to Jafar who is kicked by Abu and double cross him. Abu then steals the lamp.

Trapped in the cave, Aladdin rubs the lamp and, without realizing it, summons the all-powerful Genie inside, who tells him that he is able to grant Aladdin three wishes. Aladdin can get them out of the cave without a wish on the basis that it was not his intention to rub the lamp in the first place as he stated the wish. The first wish he made is to be a prince to win Jasmine’s affection. But, he also promises that he will use his third wish to liberate the Genie from his servitude, and to make him human.

Aladdin arrives in a grand fashion at Agrabah as “Prince Ali of Ababwa” However, he struggles to impress Jasmine. The Genie poses as Aladdin’s human attendant and is enthralled by Dalia, Jasmine’s companion. Aladdin and Jasmine are in love when he takes her on a ride on the magic carpet. He trick her to reveal his real identity, and then pretends to be a prince and dress as a peasant to discover Agrabah.

Jafar discovers Aladdin’s identity and throws him into the palace moat and is aware that if he survives the moat, it will prove that he has the lamp. Aladdin is saved by the Genie who refuses him the second wish. Aladdin is saved and returned to his palace. He takes out Jafar’s magical cobra staff. This ends Jafar’s spell over the Sultan and exposes his plot. Jafar is detained and sent to the dungeons. The Sultan then allows Aladdin to wed Jasmine. Aladdin goes back on his promise to free the Genie, feeling uncertain of his ability to keep his appearance without him. The Genie is dissatisfied that his master would prefer to lie to him and then retreats to his lamp.

Rejected by Iago, Jafar steals the lamp, and becomes the Genie’s new master. Jafar utilizes his first wish to be a Sultan. However, Jasmine reminds Jafar’s palace guards of his loyalty and makes them turn against Jafar. Jafar utilizes his second wish to be the world’s most powerful wizard to reveal Aladdin and exile him and Abu to the frozen desert. Jasmine and Jasmine are locked up together with Jasmine’s pet Tiger Rajah. Jasmine threatens to kill Dalia and the Sultan in the event that Jasmine does not marry the Sultan. Jasmine is able to save Jafar’s lamp, and jumps on the magic carpet with Abu and Aladdin and Aladdin, who were saved from the frozen desert by the magical rug, which was sent to Jafar. The carpet is chased by Iago who Jafar briefly changed into a roc, and Jafar using a thunderstorm and sand twister Aladdin and Jasmine are rescued and the magic carpet is destroyed.

Aladdin is mocked by Jafar for not being Genie’s second most powerful He convinces Jafar to fulfill his final wish to become “the most powerful beings on earth”, which the Genie gives him. This transforms Jafar into a powerful genie. This traps Jafar in his lamp, pulling Iago along with him as well, and the Genie is forced to take them to the Cave of Wonders. Abu is able to save the magic carpet and the Genie repairs it. Aladdin makes good on his promise and surrenders his final desire to let go of the Genie. He lets him to live as an adult. The Sultan is crowned Jasmine the new sultanawho is a regnant and is no longer bound to marry the prince of his choice as she and Aladdin are married. The Genie gets married to Dalia and they begin a family and explore the world together. They become the mariner telling his children the story about Aladdin at the opening sequence of the movie.

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